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Gaming client for Windows 7 and Android that puts you in a mother's role

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Mother Simulator puts you in the role of a new mother and challenges you.

Mother Simulator is a 3D video game for Windows. While the graphics are not groundbreaking by any stretch, the develop does a good job of creating this nursery environment. The baby is a well-articulated, and you can tell visually when the baby is distraught. There are also audio cues as well, such as the baby crying or screaming.

The game is a bit hit and miss on guiding the player. On one hand, the thought balloons that appear over the baby are fairly straightforward. You will see and know—or at least think you know—what the infant wants and can go chase it accordingly. But the program does not explain the mechanics particularly well. There will be some trial and error here in our experience, and when Mother Simulator provides you with direct instructions, they can be a bit unclear at times.

Mother Simulator is a parenting simulator. Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to keep your baby fed, clean and nurtured. The game seeks to stay true to life, and all of the challenges are lifelike. There are no fantasy elements here. When you are doing well, the baby is happy and smiling, and when you are not doing well, the baby cries and you feel terrible.

This is an interesting project. It can create an actual emotional response, and that is pretty neat. It makes for a fun diversion, but there may not be enough here to keep your interest long-term. Another issue is that this is presumably an Android port, and it feels like. The controls leave a lot to be desired, and we can see many gamers just getting fed up with them and moving on for that reason.


  • Parenting simulator
  • Lifelike challenges


  • Control scheme

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